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Hair Loss Treatment
At a loss with your hair? Regrow it with PRP!
At a loss with your hair? Regrow it with PRP!
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The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, used for our other medical spa procedures such as P-Shot® and Vampire FaceLift®, can also be the solution for hair regeneration. This procedure can encourage natural hair growth by using the platelets in your own blood and injecting them into the scalp.

See below an example of the results.

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Michael Athey

“I'played four days of golf.. one time I wasn't able to drive 15 minutes. It's been really good for me”

- Michael Athey

Chris Rich

“I couldn’t walk or use my arm.. stem cell treatment reduced my pain and returned my mobility.”...

- Chris Rich

Kim Passmore

“The difference has been night and day. Regen Clinic is an absolute Godsend in West Texas!”

- Kim Passmore